Whilst I will never give up my crown as the only Baker child to be Valedictorian, I gladly left academia after graduating college. My oldest brother, Jon’s middle name is academia. Not really, it’s Lloyd, but he has most assuredly run the gamut. This week he was published in one of them prestigious publications. Now someone once called my movie “sexy,” but this takes the cake. I’ve watched my brother battle the politics of university, science, the US Immigration system, and a toddler who is just like him. Way to go, bro. 👊 (http://ift.tt/2qdZAbf)

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Some of my favorite people have lost their mom and I think of them every Mother’s Day. I’ve learned a lot from moms who are gone. My grandma taught me unconditional love, no questions asked. My other grandma, through my Dad, taught me how to cook, bake, and the basics of indoor plumbing. Great Aunt Ruby taught me how to be sassy in that loving kinda way. My Aunt Sherri was a bright light and her laugh was infectious. She taught me to let your kids put a giant castle in the living room. YOLO. And growing up, my neighborhood mama, Joan, talked to me like I was an adult and always let me in on the joke. She opened her heart and her home to every kid on the block and we are all a little better because of her.

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