PVOTD: “Mr. Watson” by Cruel Youth


Most people have their short list of artists who make them feel all the feels and can pretty much do no wrong.  This girl is on my list.  Teddy Sinclair gives me chills and I could watch her do her thing forever.  After being pushed to the section of pop culture reserved for Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriends, Teddy rose out of the shit like a dark, sexy phoenix.  Every time I saw an Instagram of Teddy and Willy Moon mixing in a shitty hotel room, I felt like a kid at Christmas.  After all the waiting, this is what we got – an all female trio called Cruel Youth, fronted by Teddy.  This video for their first single joins a long line of previous videos by Teddy that are better than most award-winning short films.

I could not feel more #blessed with this one.


PVOTD: “Who I Be” by Nova Rockafeller ft. Hot Karl

Jimmy and I discovered this girl last year thanks to Spotify.  Usually when that happens, the awesome artist/group has already been buried and have a good real estate business or something.  Not only is Nova Rockafeller still putting out music, it’s disgustingly good.

Female rappers FTW.

ANTI – Rihanna


“let me cover your shit in glitter, I can make it gold”

Is this album real?  Like, is this really happening?  It’s a good thing Jimmy loves it too, otherwise I would have to find my headphones.  Can’t stop, won’t stop.  Every song is so different in the most amazing way.  You can feel everything that went into making this album and it’s beautiful.  I’ve been riding the Team Rihanna train since ‘Pon the Replay, and through 7 albums, I’ve never been disappointed.  This is album #8.  Eight!  Rihanna is 28 years old.  No wonder lil mama always being hospitalized for exhaustion.

I’m mesmerized by this album.  Gurl, you done goooooood.  Also with this album comes a big moment in my girl Teddy Sinclair’s life.  She co-wrote “Kiss It Better” which I absolutely LOVE.  Teddy is one of the best songwriters I’ve ever come across and it warms my heart to see her spreading her magic.

PS: Rihanna + Drake = Dream Team.  I love the love between those two.



Just when I thought I couldn’t love Charli XCX more, she starts her own fucking label and drops the weirdest, most amazing EP I’ve ever heard.  I can’t explain it, but I can’t stop listening to it.  She’s unlocked a new level in the game that is Pop Music.  THEN, she gets her own radio show on Beats 1.  Now Jimmy and I have a Friday ritual: Candy Shop with Charli XCX on Beats 1.  Today she played “Every time” by Britney, “Stars Collide” by Paris Hilton (one of the most underrated pop songs EVER), and closed the show with Enya.  I’m pretty sure this girl is mine and Jimmy’s love child.

This EP is everywhere – Spotify, Soundcloud, whatever team you play for, get lit and listen to this shit.

“Career of Evil” by Robert Galbraith


I’m so hooked on this series.  It’s killing me with the cliffhangers, and the creepy creepers, and the terrible fiancé!  I love it.  This one was a bit dark in the best way and I was legit creeped out.  I really hate being scared by movies, but there’s something I love about being scared by books.  Flashback to when I was a wee 9 year old, reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  I was alone in my room and I reached the part where Tom Riddle rearranged the letters of his name to be Lord Voldemort.  I was so scared, I had to stop reading and join the rest of my family in the living room.  Shocker that, as a 28 year old, I was thoroughly creeped out, alone in my room, reading a book by the same damn author.  JK – 2, Annie – 0.


2015 Music Video Year in Review


Music keeps me sane.  2015 was an excellent year for music and 2016 is looking to be even better.  To accompany said awesome music, there were some equally awesome videos.  This isn’t an all-inclusive list, but it’s the short version of my favorite videos of 2015.

Big Sean – One Man Can Change the World

As I said to Jimmy in a text just the other day, I can’t listen to this song without getting emotional.  I can’t help it.  It gives me all the feels.

Demi Lovato – Cool for the Summer

Sexiest video of the year right here.  I’m still not over this video and it came out 6 months ago.  2015 was the year of Demi Lovato and her awesome hair flips.

Taylor Swift – Blank Space

I stopped talking shit about people on social media because I don’t need that negativity in my life, but let me take a moment to insert one opinion – The last two Taylor Swift videos were terrible.  We’re talking “Out of the Woods” and “Bad Blood” – nobody cares about the Out of Africa one.  I could write essays about each, but I lack Jimmy’s motivation.  I just feel like Taylor Swift and Joseph Kahn are riding a wave of being able to do whatever they want and need some constructive criticism.  Those wolves look terrible, bro, and Bad Blood could’ve been saved by taking out the thirty five titles that appear throughout.  But I digress.  My point is, Blank Space is a goddamn MASTERPIECE.  Song AND video.  Blank Space should be studied, it’s so beautiful – artistically and technically.  So pull it together, Dream Team.  I expect something better in 2016.

Rihanna – BBHM

Drool.  Rihanna killed it this year and she didn’t even release an album.  Just this perfect little parcel of a video – and some awesome shoes and socks.  This video got a lot of attention from film folk who write-off Rihanna because she makes them uncomfortable and/or they’re dumb.  Rihanna directed this video!?  Yeah fools, meet Rihanna.  She’s conquering the world.  And probably showing her tits.

Tove Lo – Timebomb

I dedicated a whole post to Tove Lo earlier in 2015 because I have such a crush on her.  This song is everything.  One day, when I pay an exorbitant amount of money to put this song in a movie, I will weep, knowing it was totally worth it.

Kacey Musgraves & Willie Nelson – Are you sure?

Pageant Material is one of my favorite albums of all time.  Yes I said ALL TIME.  I get teary whenever I listen to it all the way through.  It gives me all the feels, and I will listen to it for the rest of my life.  It’s impossible to pick a favorite, but Willie and Kacey definitely ranks up there.

Carly Rae Jeppsen – I Really Like You

Shocker of the year right here.  I never would’ve guessed that Carly Rae Jeppsen would come back with a really decent album, two or three great singles, and one of the best videos of the year.  Tom Hanks, you guys!  Mic drop.

Lana Del Ray – High by the Beach

Couple of things:  Beautiful song.  Beautiful video.  Funny video.  I also just wanna get high by the beach.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Downtown

There are few songs that get released that get me as excited as this song did.  To me, this song (and accompanying video) is like the most fun ride you’ve ever been on.  It blows me away that it didn’t get more attention.  It should’ve been shoved down our throats.  Whatever, America.  Whatever.

Hailee Steinfeld – Love Myself

Oooh girl, you got skillz.  This EP is kinda awesome and I hope she keeps going.  Let us not forget this little lady is an Oscar winning actress.  DAMN, GINA.

Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta

Because this song rules.

Alessia Cara – Here

Next time I’m invited to a party, I’ll respond with my regrets and a link to this video.

CHVRCHES – Empty Threat

This song gets me REAL dancey.

Missy Elliott – WTF

This was the most exciting thing ever.  Like getting an old friend back.  But a supa dupa fly friend who drops sick beats and has a knack for finding young dance talent.

Hotline Bling – Drake

I love this video.  Drake holds a special place in my heart.  I watched Degrassi: The Next Generation as a thirteen year old, and never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed that little Jimmy would turn into this fuckin’ guy.  He won me over long ago with his dreamy  voice and his unwavering confidence in all he does, including solo dancing til he drops.  

Marina & the Diamonds – Blue

I fell hard for Marina and the Diamonds this year.  She has three albums now, and to me, they’re all perfect.  This song and video make me instantly happy.  I can’t imagine a world without Marina now, and I hope she’s around for a long, long time.   

Meghan Trainor – Dear Future Husband

Clearly Meghan Trainor has a style, and I can’t help but love it.  I have to laugh to keep from crying when I see a million think pieces about how sexist and anti-feminist this song/video is.  I can’t.  I don’t read said think pieces, mind you, because oh my god, are you shitting me?  My fellow women, you have got to CHILL OUT.  Not everything is an attack on your rights as a female.  You see a pretty blonde in a dress loving life and it’s like there is an implant in your brain that yells, “NOOOO.  BURN YOUR BRA! TAKE OFF YOUR MAKEUP!”  To which I say, no!  I feel pretty in my makeup.

Justin Bieber – Love Yourself

2015 was the year of the Biebs.  This guy hit a hundred home runs this year despite that bare ass photo incident.  This song is enough to make me like Ed Sheeran and I am not an Ed Sheeran gal.  It’s the third or fourth great song Biebs had this year.  Plus he’s looking great.  Congratulations, buddy.  I honestly can’t believe you recovered from your former self.  Respect.  (P.S. Justin Bieber just dropped trou on an ancient Mayan ruin.  Baby steps…)

The Weeknd – The Hills

One of my favorite moments of the year was watching Kanye dance in the aisles while The Weeknd performed at the VMAs.  I fought liking this guy for a while, but you can’t deny how many solid jams he has.


Sia – Elastic Heart

I can’t believe this video came out this year.  2015 was awesome.  I love everything about this video.  I think it’s pretty.  What’s up, Shia?

Adele – Hello

It’s good to have Adele back.  I really have missed her with her voice and her adorable personality and her accent and her perfect eye makeup.

Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz – Dooo It!

John Mayer said it best: This album is the work of a whack genius.