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My life is a constant battle with my body.  I am not a naturally energetic person.  In fact, if I could get paid to take naps, I would be a millionaire.  My lack of energy, combined with my love of delicious food, combined with my genes, means I have to WERK to keep myself fit.

I have gone through various stages of weight loss and weight gain since I was a kindergartener.  Most recently, I spent two years losing 50 pounds and getting myself fit.  It was really hard, and it took a really long time.  And all I did was track what I ate and got my ass moving.

Over the past year, shit got busy.  We filmed a movie, edited a movie, participated in a wedding, went to Switzerland, sold our movie, moved out of our apartment, and made the trek out to Alexandria to live for three months.  Oh and I had three different part-time jobs the whole time.  Needless to say, I am no longer in shape.

I started getting knee pains.  I was out of breath walking up my apartment stairs.  My pants are really fucking tight.  I worked really hard to to get to where I was, and I refuse to let it all go.

Which brings us to today.  I have invested in a FitBit Flex.  I wear it on my wrist 24/7 and it tracks my activity all day long.  If you haven’t heard of FitBit, I suggest you click here and check it out.  I’ve been wearing it for two days and I’m obsessed.  I’m already going out of my way to log more steps.  I’m taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking Jimmy to work every morning, and making a point to go on a long walk every day.  

The FitBit device combines with the food log.  I need food logs.  I have no control over food.  It’s delicious and I love it.  But when it’s a game that I want to win, then I can control it.

So that’s that.  I’ll be posting various updates on how things are going.  Hopefully in three weeks I won’t be posting a picture of myself with an empty carton of Chunky Monkey in my bed.

Below is Day One.  I pretty much nailed it.  



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