PVOTD: “Mr. Watson” by Cruel Youth


Most people have their short list of artists who make them feel all the feels and can pretty much do no wrong.  This girl is on my list.  Teddy Sinclair gives me chills and I could watch her do her thing forever.  After being pushed to the section of pop culture reserved for Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriends, Teddy rose out of the shit like a dark, sexy phoenix.  Every time I saw an Instagram of Teddy and Willy Moon mixing in a shitty hotel room, I felt like a kid at Christmas.  After all the waiting, this is what we got – an all female trio called Cruel Youth, fronted by Teddy.  This video for their first single joins a long line of previous videos by Teddy that are better than most award-winning short films.

I could not feel more #blessed with this one.


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