Today marks one week since I saw Magic Mike Live. This is me taking a killer selfie w/ my new Jane Fonda mug shot shirt before the show. I didn’t get an after photo, because I had died and gone to heaven. Wanna know what MML is? It’s a nightclub where you feel comfortable, even if you’re 70. A bar where you’re not accosted at every turn, but gently led to your seat and catered to at every moment. It is the definition of a feminist male striptease – it sounds strange, but I assure you, it is not. It is the closest any of us will get to a real life Step Up movie. It is what Bachelorette parties have been dreaming of, but could never find. It was the happiest 2 hours of my life as well as the women around me. They told me so afterward – we all bonded while catching our breath. I will be forever grateful to Channing Tatum for creating this magical land. May we one day live in a world where there are Club Dominas everywhere! As one of our many adorable, sweet, hot-as-fuck waiters said, “I thought it would be just for women, but this is some Cirque du Soleil shit!”

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