To counter all the death threats and 🙄, here’s an ode to KKW. ———————— I love your ever-changing style and how you made athleisure cool again. I love the effort you put into all your products and projects. (The nicest sweatshirt I’ve ever owned was made by you). I love how you never apologize for who you are, but always admit your mistakes. I love how you own your body and your sexuality, never apologizing for that either. I love how much you love and give wherever you can, but give no fucks who knows it. I love that you’re not who you were 10 yrs ago, you’re better. I love that few people have grown an empire like yours, yet everyone assumes you have no talent. I love that, sometimes, even you have three pairs of Spanx on under that dress. And I love that you told us that. Happy Birthday, KKW. You’re so fucking epic. ❤️❤️❤️

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