A few years ago, I learned my Gramma “sent all her spare change to a children’s home.” It’s wasn’t the cuteness of this that struck me as much as the way she said it. Like, “Of course I do. What else do you do with spare change?” I bet Gramma and Drake would’ve gotten along. Today, Drake reminded me of Gramma. So, I’m sending my spare change somewhere it’s needed. Because that’s just what you do.

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I have found it’s nearly impossible to know how you will react to losing a family member. My tribe has taken a few extra hits lately. What I’ve learned from these hits, is that the best way to react is to live your best life. My Uncle Ron was a master flower sender. My whole life, he always made sure the ladies in his life had flowers. He never skimped, and I almost always got the treats that came with the flowers. So today, after I gifted myself a fancy latte and slowly perused Whole Foods (my go-to self care routine), I bought myself these flowers. And it felt really good. 🌷🌷🌷

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