❤️2❤️ – I used to get really angry at people who had a better start than me. Mostly that meant traditionally pretty people who literally wake up like that. But in college, I was devastated to learn I was receiving half the scholarship amount as a male counterpart. I was Valedictorian, came in with a full year of college credits, and worked 15 hrs a week during junior and senior year. But he had that extra curricular shit, and that’s what they wanted. This happened when I often thought, “life’s not fair.” Here’s the kicker though, it’s not supposed to be. We wouldn’t learn lessons or grow out of our old ways if life was fair. The seething anger I felt for people who “had it easier” melted because I simply have no way of knowing if that’s true. Is being rich easier than being poor? Absolutely. But we should all know that money is never the only factor in someone’s life. And for me to feel hatred toward someone because of their golden start is just as bad as judging someone for having nothing. Kindness doesn’t know tax brackets. As far as I’m concerned, acts of service from anyone willing to give them, should be celebrated. Oh and by the way, my male counterpart turned out to be an incredibly sweet guy. Go figure. 🤷‍♀️

via Instagram http://bit.ly/2v5dZKT

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