“Fadeaway Girl” by Martha Grimes

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I’m so glad I read all of these books. I’ve said most everything in previous posts, but to reiterate, this is a great summer book series. I love Martha Grimes’ storytelling. I feel as though if I ended up in this made-up town, I could find my way around and recognize all the main characters.

I don’t particularly like the term “old soul” but I will use it here. I’m an old soul. If I could Bill & Ted my way back in time I would go crazy with it. So, I love it when I can read books that literally make me feel like I live in a small town in Virginia in the 50s/60s. I live in a hotel and wander wherever and whenever I like, solving cold cases and hanging out with the town Sherriff.


Oh – and I’m twelve.


Like it or Not, Here I am.

I had a book blog. I had a nail blog. Now I have an all-encompassing Annie Blog. There will be nails, there will be books, there will be movies, there will be plenty of Katy Perry related subject matter. I can’t see why you would need to read any other blog.


You can find my old book blog here: http://annieelizabeth.tumblr.com


This will be a new chapter. One that doesn’t require fighting with technology to import old Tumblr posts.