Best Lines EVER: 21 Jump Street Edition


Don’t Call It a Comeback

I bet I could count the number of times I sat down to do my nails this past year on two hands.  Last May, I took at job at The Loft.  I quite liked it, actually, and stayed there for a year.  My nails are fairly weak.  As soon as they begin growing past the nail bed, they break somehow.  Combine that with working 20-30 hours a week hanging, folding, cleaning, and ripping open hundreds of plastic bags, and you get the worst nails ever. Thus, I took a hiatus from the nail world.  As expected, I’ve lost some of my skills.  I’ve also lost all my nail stuff.  Well, not lost.  I know that they are in a storage unit in Denver in a box marked “Annie’s Nail Stuff.”  So I am starting from scratch.  I have a few different polishes and some silly nail art decorations.  It’ll be a true test of creativity. Here is nail post #1. I picked up Sally Hansen Hard As Nails for my base.  I’m really sad about losing my OPI Nail Envy, but I’m willing to give this a try.  I’m using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri for my tops.  I like this one.  It applies well and it’s shiny! 08.10.14_Nails02 While perusing CVS, I found these little two-siders from Revlon.  They were “buy one, get one 50% off,” so I went for it.  I got this one and a purple/gold combo I’m excited to try out.  The green side has a normal brush and the yellow side has a thin nail art brush. Here’s how it went: 08.10.14_Nails01 One small complaint is that the brushes are kinda cheap.  I got some pieces stuck in there when I was painting them.  This is two coats of the green (which looks great on it’s own) and many coats of yellow.  My only other complaint is that I wish I could’ve reversed the colors.  I like my top color to be more saturated and solid so you don’t have to retrace your lines a million times. They’re not great, but they’re not bad for being out of practice.