ANTI – Rihanna


“let me cover your shit in glitter, I can make it gold”

Is this album real?  Like, is this really happening?  It’s a good thing Jimmy loves it too, otherwise I would have to find my headphones.  Can’t stop, won’t stop.  Every song is so different in the most amazing way.  You can feel everything that went into making this album and it’s beautiful.  I’ve been riding the Team Rihanna train since ‘Pon the Replay, and through 7 albums, I’ve never been disappointed.  This is album #8.  Eight!  Rihanna is 28 years old.  No wonder lil mama always being hospitalized for exhaustion.

I’m mesmerized by this album.  Gurl, you done goooooood.  Also with this album comes a big moment in my girl Teddy Sinclair’s life.  She co-wrote “Kiss It Better” which I absolutely LOVE.  Teddy is one of the best songwriters I’ve ever come across and it warms my heart to see her spreading her magic.

PS: Rihanna + Drake = Dream Team.  I love the love between those two.