PVOTD: “I Got the Keys” by DJ Khaled ft. Jay Z and Future


“My wife Beyoncé.  I brag different.”

So this is the most badass video I’ve ever seen.  Like, ever.  Plus, I Spy T.I.


PVOTD: “Cold Water” by Major Lazer ft. Justin Bieber


I promise your Monday will be better if you watch this video.  I’m not sure who is running Justin Bieber’s camp right now, but I bow down to them.  I love every video that came out of “Purpose,” and think his concept to do all dance videos (that barely feature him) is incredible.

BUT.  THIS.  VIDEO.  THO.  It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.  This video had to have cost an arm and two legs, and there is ZERO product placement.  Which means Biebs, or Major Lazer, or both, shelled out a lot of cash just for the sake of an incredible piece of art.  And can we talk about how COOL these girls are!?  UGH.  It’s actually too much.

I’m just really grateful this exists.

PVOTD: “Cool Girl” by Tove Lo


My list of women who are effortlessly sexy is as follows: Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Tove Lo.  This might be the best sophomore comeback I ever could’ve asked for from this girl.  The song is so effing good, but THAT.  VIDEO.  THO.  We are living in a new era of music videos where the EDM world has infiltrated the Pop world and made the most attractive, talented babies who are using more artistic choreography, more artistic directors, and simple setups to make some of the best videos I’ve seen.

Also, the award for sexiest dance on a car (which is actually a tough category) goes to Tove Lo.

PVOTD: “Mr. Watson” by Cruel Youth


Most people have their short list of artists who make them feel all the feels and can pretty much do no wrong.  This girl is on my list.  Teddy Sinclair gives me chills and I could watch her do her thing forever.  After being pushed to the section of pop culture reserved for Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriends, Teddy rose out of the shit like a dark, sexy phoenix.  Every time I saw an Instagram of Teddy and Willy Moon mixing in a shitty hotel room, I felt like a kid at Christmas.  After all the waiting, this is what we got – an all female trio called Cruel Youth, fronted by Teddy.  This video for their first single joins a long line of previous videos by Teddy that are better than most award-winning short films.

I could not feel more #blessed with this one.