Well Done, MTV.


I love me some Selena Gomez.  And so do a BILLION other people.  Selena is the Queen of Instagram (aka she has the most followers) with 97.7 million.  That’s basically a BILLION.  Within the last year or so, it was revealed that our favorite pop star was diagnosed with Lupus.  For anyone who knew about Lupus, the reaction was most likely, “Whoa, that’s rough.”  She did a great interview, and basically said “thanks for all the dodgy rumors about why I was in the hospital or not around – I was getting chemotherapy.”  Flash forward to the last few months where she’s been on tour.  World tour!  If you’re not sure what that’s like, please reference the documentary, “Katy Perry: Part of Me.”  It’s exhausting for a healthy body, much less one wrought with an autoimmune disease.

Yesterday-ish, the announcement came that Selena is pushing pause on the tour.  Why?  Well because, among a bunch of other awful physical side effects, Lupus can cause anxiety and depression.  I can understand performing through physical pain – hell, most of them do it nightly, but mental pain is another story.  Anxiety can cause you to freeze up like  you forgot how to talk, or scream because you’re full of emotions you don’t want – just depends on the time of day.  It also requires much more than just a pill to get a handle on it.  That brings us to MTV.  If you’re not a Snapchat user, there are all kinds of little news feeds on Snapchat from outlets like MTV, Buzzfeed, People, etc.  All the gossip you need!  Today, there was an entry from MTV about Selena.  Along with the news of her break, they also did a list of “13 Things People with a Chronic Disease Wish You Understood.  It was great.  I love MTV for taking this opportunity to teach millions of young minds about chronic and/or hidden diseases.  Because you know what sucks?  Having anxiety and/or depression when you’re in the peak of your social years.

I’ve dealt with some level of anxiety/depression the majority of my life.  I’ve missed plenty of social activities, trips, events, etc. and usually blame it on something else.  Why?  Because that’s way easier than trying to explain what it means to have anxiety.  When you’re 13, “Sorry, I have anxiety and can’t handle a movie tonight,” doesn’t seem like a valid excuse.  “My mom won’t let me” is much better – shout out to my mom for sometimes volunteering to let me blame her!

So here’s what I would love – I would love for anybody who reads this little Snapchat blog to have an “Aha!” moment.  The hardest part of having an ailment nobody can see, is that they can’t see it.  I didn’t realize that what I was feeling was anxiety until I was well into my 20s.  The second hardest part – every day is different, and no one can predict the future.   So if one seventeen year old reads this, then doesn’t give their friend shit for turning down a party invite because they thought to themselves, “maybe they have a good reason for not coming,” then God bless you, MTV.

PVOTD: “Good For You” by Selena Gomez

It took me a minute on this one.  Just a minute, though.  I had to get over my expectation of an upbeat “Birthday”-like single.  After a few listens, I realized that this song is amazing.  I love both versions – the video is a basic one, the single has A$AP Rocky.  Gawd the A$AP Rocky addition is good though.  I recommend listening to it without the video.  The video is beautiful and she’s sexy as hell.  But guys, she still looks like she’s 15.  I know!  She’s 23.  But I can’t.

PVOTD: The Heart Wants What It Wants

Jimmy and I are long-time Selena Gomez Fans.  This SONG.  The fact that I love it even though it’s clearly about Justin Bieber, goes to show how good the song is.  I mean, if I were in a rocky relationship, this would be my JAM.  Also, may I say that while I usually really hate this new trend of doing a dialogue breakdown or intro in the song, Selena Gomez rocked that shit.  Know why?  Because she’s actually a really good actress.  And gurl knows how to cry.